Its Mike Anthony not Mark Anthony

We got a late start today. I was supposed to wake up at 7:30 in the morning in order to work with my tutor. Instead, I woke up exactly at 8:30. I was a little mad at myself for being half an hour late but then I realized that I actually woke up at 6:30 Portland time. I managed to wake up a Alisa at 9:30 however she realized it was actually 7:30 Portland time and was more miserable than before. After having breakfast, we decided to head down to a gym and sign up for a free 2 week gym membership.
When we got there we were greeted by the only employee there named Mike Anthony (not Mark Anthony–he was very clear about that). He was a nice enough fellow, but I think he really needed someone to talk to because I felt like he gave us a unsolicited summery of his work career:

Out of high school, he wanted to be a teacher, but he decided that what he actually wanted to do was work in sports. So, he answered an add in the news paper that was looking for “people who love sports”. When he arrived at the interview the manager said that the job actually had nothing to do with sports. Rather, it was a door to door vacuum sales job. He decided to try it out and ended up really liking sales. He fixed up his old car and ended up going door to door selling these Kirby vacuums. That is, until his car broke down. Not having a car made it difficult for him to sell vacuums door to door, so he did the next logical thing—he started selling cars. He sold cars for a while until he ended up doing some kind of promoting which normally requires him to work late nights. He ended up meeting a woman that works in some kind of advertising firm. They make signs and billboards. He then proceeded to explain to us the process of making an advertisement. It turns out that this new girl really likes eating out a lot. So much, he needed to get a second job and thats how he ended up here at Anytime fitness in San Antonio Texas. Now his girlfriend comes over for lunch and brings him Subway.

After we left the gym we saw a woman walking towards it with a bag of subway sandwiches…

Before returning home we stopped at H-E-B to pick up a few more things. Before we walked in we saw a few fuzzy cactus. They were so cute that Alisa and I started petting them. I chose the wrong and ended up getting a needle stuck in my thumb.

When we returned home, I decided to make a soup for my parents. They are vegan now, so I decided to make a spicy vegan split pea. It was a hit. After lunch we went to church with them. It was a small church of maybe about a total of 25 people. It was nice, and the people were very welcoming. We got to meet every one there, and my mother seems very happy being in a smaller place where every knows each other.

Rocky and Cherine visited us this evening. They came over and brought us a gift. It´s a book on how to create cat fur art. I haven’t had a chance to look through it, but Alisa was very excited about it. Maybe we can make Christmas gifts for all of you reading this blog. We sat around the table for a while and planned things we wanted to do for the week. We started talking about different types of foods, and Gus mentioned that he didn’t like black beans. Something about the liquid turning purple. I understand not liking a certain types of foods, but he then told us the best beans he has ever had were freeze dried refried beans. Hmmm….  I´ll just leave it at that. We talked for a bit and shared a few laughs. Im glad we got to see them for a little bit, and tomorrow we plan to do a few things later in the day.

Also, I think we have successfully talked my mother into coming with us to a rescue shelter to look for a new cat.

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