Should we go south or left?


Figure 1.1

There is a word in Spanish called ¨manteca¨. Now this word is a general word in Spanish for lard or fat. Most of the time it is in reference to pig fat. I remember my grandmother used to cook with this all the time when I was a kid. She often used lard to cook bacon or other types of unhealthy meats. I

Figure 1.2

say this only because today my brother, Alisa, and I ate a restaurant called Tacos Martinez. I bring this up because this is a Mexican restaurant that still cooks everything with 100% lard. If you look closely at Figure 1.1, you will notice a chili rellano, rice, beans, tortillas, and more. What you don’t see is the lard, but I assure you that it is definitely there.  In fact, on that tray there are only three things that are considered vegetarian: the lettuce, tomatoes, and the plates. Thats right, everything there is made with 100% lard. Normally, Alisa and I have a very healthy diet. We rarely eat out, and we rarely use any oils when we prepare our foods. Ever once in a while, you have to let loose and enjoy Mexican food the way God intended it to be eaten. Look at Figure 1.2 and notice the look on my face. There can only be two ways to describe that look–either pure joy or insanity.

In order to work off our meal, Alisa and I decided to go for a walk around the city. We found a great six mile trail on the internet but after driving there we found out that the park was only open on the weekend. There was no way to enter. We headed downtown and although we had Siri we were pretty much lost the whole time. You see, San Antonio has some highways that have six lanes going the same direction and sometimes you have to move all the way from the far right lane to the far left lane in order to exit. Not only that, you have to dodge every type of big truck that Ford has manufactured since 1986 to get across it. We arrived down town and were a little disoriented. Although I grew up here, I was never really too familiar with the city. The walk started out bad because Alisa and I couldn’t figure out which direction to go to get to the River Walk. Well…if you ask her…she knew where we were the whole time. While we were looking at the map she said that we should go south and I said we should go left. After which I pointed to a blue squiggly  line on the map that was off to the right while I kept saying we should go left. I think I will leave it at that because we started the first half hour of our journey arguing whether or not either of us were right or wrong. Call me bias, but Im pretty sure I was right.
      After we got the fighting out of our system, Alisa mentioned that she really like walking in busy areas and getting a glimpse into peoples lives. Parts of conversations, mannerisms, parents waiting for their children, and couples fighting over who was was able to read the map correctly.
We had a great walk and saw some beautiful sights. I posted the pictures below. We decided that we are going to try to do at least a ten mile loop on the water front looking at a few Missions.


One thought on “Should we go south or left?

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. When Tim & April were living in Del Rio we visited SA and ate at one of the restaurants on the river walk. It is a really nice area.


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