The Fourth

Alisa and I had a great fourth of July today. We went to a party at the church that my parents attend.

With Gus and Cherine

The pastor was nice enough to let a whole bunch of family and friends use the building to have a potluck and firework party. We decided to make some roasted potatoes and veggies for the party which is one of my favorite meals back in Portland. When we arrived, my brother and his wife were already there and greeted us. The food was great. Every one agreed that Alisa was properly indoctrinated to Texas cooking as her meal consisted of: brisket, tortillas, fish, noodles, chili, and a Big Red. We sat around for a long time and got to hang out with Cherine´s mother Nancy (who is really good at making one feel welcome). Afterwards, we went outside and set off a whole bunch of fireworks. My brother and I got to play around with some mortars and we also set off some of fountain fire works which are some of Alisa´s favorite. It´s a pretty amazing experience I must say. The entire night sky was filled with all

sorts of fireworks, and it just goes on for hours and hours. It was so amazing that after a while Alisa and I set up a couple of chairs away from everyone else and just sat there for a long time looking at the fireworks fill up the night sky. Sometimes they were so loud, it sounded like they were going off right next to us. In Portland, many fireworks are illegal. Living in the city, sometimes we can hear the firework show on the water front on the fourth or on new years, but those only last for about twenty minutes. However, even as I write this, we can still hear the fireworks going just as strong as three hours ago.

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