We have pictures of Fiesta Texas however these aren’t them

We were going to write a post about our trip to Fiesta Texas today and show you our fantastic pictures. But on our way home we realized that we have no way to transfer the pictures from our camera to our computer. (We’ve been using our phones to take photos but today we used our water proof camera.) So we pulled into a Walgreens to pick up a card reader, but it was closed. So we drove on and found a Walmart which was open. But it turned out to be one of those “neighborhood markets” which means it’s a small grocery store. So we drove to HEB and, even though it looked open, the door was locked. Well, it turns out they only keep one of their three doors open after 10pm. Guess how many tries it took us to get in. We finally made it to the electronic section where we had seen a card reader on sale a couple of days ago… but the section was gated off- closed for the night.

We will post the pictures tomorrow but in the mean time we hope you enjoy these random pictures we found on the internet of families having fun at Six Flags over Fiesta Texas!

we couldn’t find a picture with two hispanic guys a caucasian girl and
a half caucasian/asian girl, so we opted for the next best thing.

The rides were great. Our faces looked kind of like these.

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