Austin Part 3

Lucas made us breakfast for our last day in Austin. It was potato, egg and bacon on flour tortillas with

homemade salsa, and it was good. We weren’t sure what to do today because I was a little tired of driving everywhere. However, we decided on heading back to downtown to check out the Bullock Texas State History museum. It’s a beautiful museum which stands within view of the capitol building. The museum itself is well cared for and you can tell that a lot of thought, money and time went into its design and layout–we were impressed. We were a little disappointed, however, that the history of Texas starts from the perspective of the European settlers and doesn’t explore what the cultures, tribes, daily lives, and conflicts were like before the colonization. However, a quarter of the first floor’s large exhibit is dedicated to the native peoples’ artifacts and perspectives on the colonization. We walked around the first floor reading nearly every thing, however we noticed that we were only about half way through the first floor and had already spend nearly an hour and a half there. Only having three hours total to spend there, we decided to pick up the pace a little bit and just read the most interesting things that caught our eyes. I really wish we had the time to spend the entire day there. 

In our attempt to move quickly through the first floor, we ended up getting caught up in the 1968 museum. It was an overview of landmark events that happened in 1968. We saw everything from the the first moon orbit, an area remembering the day that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and displays of the most random quirky things that were around in this epoch. 

We had to fly through the rest of the museum as fast as we could. I could tell it was terrible for Alisa because I had to keep corralling her along. The worst part about having to nudge Alisa along is the scowl that accompanies her–it’s like trying to fit a cat into a travel box. I felt kind of bad but we were on a schedule. Moving on we saw a replica of what the Alamo would have looked like at the time of the great battle. We also saw a space suit worn by Edgar D Mitchell on the Moon! Finally, one of the most amazing displays there, in my opinion, was the original statue “The Goddess of Liberty” that sat on top of the capitol building before it was taken down due to deterioration. It was, however, replaced by a replica that could withstand the Texas weather.
When we returned to Jones town there was lunch waiting for us. My father had prepared caldo for us.

If you have never had this soup let me explain. It is a very simple soup with corn on the cobb, carrots, celery, cabbage, and beef neck. It reminded me of my child hood. Alisa liked it a lot, however I don’t think she was used to this type of meat. It is different as it is very tender and fatty. We ate this with corn tortillas and chili peppers. After lunch we sat around for a bit and talked. Im really glad we got to spend a few days up in Austin visiting family. 

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