Back in San Antonio

We were pretty tired on Sunday after returning from Austin, but we were still able to wake up early in order to meet with Deo, Dal, Lal and their family to break bread. Alisa and I were really happy that we went and were really encouraged that they are so faithful even though they are separated from much of their families and friends. We spent a few hours talking with them, and they were really happy to have guests. One of the problems is that they are so far south that it is out of the way for many to make it that far down. However, we were really glad to meet them and  will be looking them up the next time we head down.

When we returned home, we had lunch with my parents and were finally able to tell them about our trip to Austin. We had a good time.

After lunch we headed over to the Pantoja house (I have known Chris as far back and I remember and it’s not too often that I get to see him) where we saw the last half of the World Cup final . It was a great game with a great finish. I personally wasn’t rooting for any team, but I was really impressed on how the game winning goal was scored. After the game, we sat around a talked for a long time. We talked about everything from our crazy families, old friends, theology, and anything else we could think of. Their kids are really sweet and hung out with us boring grown-ups for a bit. We checked out some of their artwork which was really impressive. Alisa stalked their big grey cat until he finally let her pet him right before we left. We were really happy to be invited over to their house and hope to spend time with them the next time we come to San Antonio.

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