A Day Downtown

We spent a lot of time with the cat this morning. She has a lot of energy and it’s hard to keep her in one place for a long time. This cat has a great personality. When most cats are brought home, they tend to hide for a long time or don’t want to be touched. This cat, however, wants to explore the entire place and wants to be loved.

We started out our day by heading down town to a restaurant called Mi Tierra. It’s a pretty well known place here in San Antonio and has been around since the 1940s. Alisa and I had the steak, enchilada, tamale, taco, rice, and bean plate and it was great. We talked for a long time about our goals in college and various other topics. We also listened to the singer that walk around the place and play songs on request. They are mostly old Mexican songs that aren’t really sung these days. However, at ten bucks a song no thank you.

After lunch we tried to visit the Witte Museum however when we got there there were so many people that we couldn’t find any parking. We headed around the block a few times and called it quits. We decided to return down town and check out the small shops that sell items imported from Mexico. It’s a lot of fun to run around and check out the different statues, clothing, hats, and other items. However, the prices are ridiculous. We ended up buying a few things, but I think our money will be better spent at the markets in Guatemala. We walked around outside for a bit and notice that an art museum near by. It turned out it was a free exhibit on contemporary latino art called El corazón de San Antonio. The exhibits depicted anything in daily life that had to do with the heart. It was amazing how different the Latino art is here compared to the art in portland. The modern interpretation was similar, but the style was impressive.

From there we headed down toward St.Fernando Cathedral where we watched an amazing show

projected on the its face. It’s the history of San Antonio told visually. The movie takes full advantage of the characteristics of the building. Many times throughout the show it completely changed the profile of it. We were really impressed with the quality of the show and the number of people that showed up. The church itself is amazing and has the typical look of Spanish cathedrals that you find across much of Latin America.


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