First few days in NC

We have had a great time so far here in NC. I’m happy to say that we have been well fed the past few days and have been greatly entertained by the Hayes family. On our first day here, we headed to high point to attend the meeting there. It was great to be able to meet so many new people and families. While Alisa was more familiar with the people there, it was all a new experience for me so I really don’t remember many of the names. But I am very thankful for those who made us feel so welcome. When we returned we headed down to the community pool and got a chance to relax for a bit. We took some underwater pictures and
videos. I enjoyed spending a lot the time on the diving board making myself look like a fool. The weather so far has been pretty mild from what I can tell. Normally it’s humid and sunny, but the past few days it has been cloudy and cool with only a little bit of humidity. When we returned home in the evening we sat around for a while hanging out and discussing various important topics which I can’t remember. Alisa and I got a chance to get to know Stella (Turtles’ sister). She looks just like him only grey and not as fat. It’s cute to see how similar they are.

Stella and Turtle


The next day we got an early start toward a place called Stone Mountain. We went on the hike with Shelly, the kids, and Emily B. The hike was a lot longer than I thought it would be considering how young some of the kids are that were with us, but we were able to do it in a relatively short amount of time. I was really impressed how green it is here. Even though the trees aren’t as big as in Oregon, they give you this feeling like you are in a rain forest. We spent a large part of the hike walking on a huge rock. The rock itself is pretty amazing. When we were on top I was really amazed that it was one big solid piece. I know now why there were ropes everywhere–if it were to rain we would have never been able to make it up (or down). After we made it to the top, we had lunch which consisted of sandwich bagels, jerky, hard boiled eggs and candy. On our hike we also saw two snakes, a copper head and a black racer. After the hike we said goodbye to Emily (thanks for driving us around!), but it  will only be for a short time
because we will see her again on Thursday.  I slept the whole drive home and when we arrived at the house I slept an additional two hours before dinner. Shelly made a comment that it’s harder to breathe here because of the humidity, but I think she was trying to make me feel not so old.


This morning we decided to go for a run at a place called Muddy Creek. It’s a beautiful trail for those who want to do a quick five mile run. I’m glad that it’s still cloudy here because the humidity still got to me. I ran a slightly different part of the trail which added an extra mile. When I caught up to Alisa, Shelly and Nate about 4 miles in, I decided to walk the rest of the way. The humidity makes me feel as though I have run a greater distance. We walked the the rest of the way to the car trying to cool off, but the humidity seems to keep a layer of sweat on your body even though you are no longer running. We returned home and were treated to a nice light lunch and in true Portland fashion we each had a post run cup of coffee to relax.

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