Carowinds: the happiest place on earth

Thursday 7-24

Today was supposed to be a great day. We were supposed to relax in the sun, hang out in the wave pool, ride all the roller coasters and eat a ton of pop corn. Today, however, was not that day. We headed out around 10 in the morning and made the drive in roughly two hours. We had two of the Hayes ducklings with us for this trip, and every thing was going perfect. When we got there it was really hot. In fact, we all had a sweat going as we were walking to the waterpark. We got into our swimsuits, rented an 18 dollar locker and headed out to the first waterslide. It took us about twenty minutes to reach the front of the line and by the time we got there the sun had completely disappeared. When we headed toward the second ride, it became clear that it was going to rain. By the time we finished the third water ride all the rides were closed down because of the thunder and lightning that was fast approaching. We stood under cover for nearly half an hour as the rain fell. After it cleared up, we ran to the nearest water slide and little did I know that would be my last one of the day. After we changed into our normal clothes, we decided that we should ride on some of the roller coasters. As soon as we left the water park the

rain started falling again. We had to run for shelter again and this time we waited for nearly an hour. When the rain cleared I bought a bottomless bucket of popcorn and we headed to the nearest roller coaster called the Night Hawk. We stood in line for about half an hour before a guy came out and said that the ride was closed and it would not open again for a while because of the storm. We decided to get our things out of the locker and just head out for a bit. As I was walking back to the locker toward the other side of the park, I noticed that the Night Hawk was running and there were people on it. I didn’t understand…we were just told it was closed. Let me just end with this. I rode four water slides which cost us an average of 15 dollars a slide. Or we paid 15 dollars an hour each to stand around in a rainy theme park. To make things worse, I never got a chance to refill my bottomless popcorn. As a consolation prize, I did get an opportunity to drive in the beautiful North Carolinian 5 o’ clock rush hour bumper to bumper traffic for about an hour after we decided to call it quits.

The rest of the evening made up for the miserable day. We headed over to the Bassetts house and were welcomed with good company and food. We feasted with pizza, fruit, and chicken nachos. We also played Sudoku and a few other games with Emily and Ben Bassett and two of his German friends Anton and Alex. As we sat around, we had a great time trying to pronounce each others words. The rest of the evening was just hanging around with good company. We stayed the night and were given Ben’s room. We must have been really tired because we did not get out of bet until 11 in the morning. However, when we made it down the stairs breakfast was already waiting for us. We had bacon, eggs with veggies, and toast. We also got to spend a little bit of time with Linda and Brian Bassett. Thanks again for welcoming us into your home and feeding us!



On the way back to Winston-Salem, we stopped at several places: REI, Target, and a Gun shop. We

originally went to REI to look for some pepper spray for the next leg of our trip but I ended up buying a new pair of sandals, a cleaning kit for our camelpak and a UV light to kill germs in water. REI only had pepper spray that was meant for bears and wouldn’t work as well on people because of the cloud it could create, so we had to head to the gun shop to buy something with a little more accuracy. Before going their, we stopped at the Target to pick up a few cups of coffee. Emily asked me for a…umm…I think it was a java chip, mocha, frapachino. I wasn’t sure what size to get her,because she took off with Alisa to look for sandals, so i ordered the biggest one. It’s amazing how big they make this things–I think it was 24 oz but I can’t be sure. Im not sure why she was so surprised when she saw the size of the drink because she was able to finish the whole thing before we got back on to the main road.

Although we didn’t really get to play in the theme park, it was really fun to go on a small road trip with Alisa and the girls and to hang out with the Bassett family. At the moment I am writing from my computer back at the Hayes household and we are about to go out and celebrate Shelly’s birthday. Tomorrow, we head out early for Washington, DC

The guac and pepsi challenge 

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