First night in DC

We managed to leave for Washington, DC around 10:30 in the morning. It was a great start to a five and a half hour drive. The weather was cool and the traffic was light for about 300 miles. However, when we got about 150 miles from DC, that’s when the bumper to bumper traffic started. It was horrible. Imagine, if you can, bumper to bumper traffic for nearly two hours straight. It’s about as horrible as it sounds. The worst part about it is that we were in the middle of no where. There were no major cities around, no traffic accidents and no broken down cars–just traffic for miles leading to Washington. I had never seen anything like it before. A five hour drive ended up turning into a eight. However, when we got to DC, the first thing we did was drive by the White House (unintentionally). It was pretty amazing to see it in person. Alisa and I agreed that it was kind of surreal. It’s an icon that is always in the news, movies, photographs and every type of media you could possibly imagine. 

We are currently staying at a hotel called The District Hotel. The hotel itself pretty old; I would imagine nearly one hundred years old. Although it lacks a lot of the modern touches, I really enjoy it. Considering that most of the hotels just a few blocks closer to the White house cost around 150-300 a night, Im pretty happy with this one. After we checked in, we decided to walk toward the White House and look around on the Washington Mall. It took us about 20 minutes to hike from our hotel to the White House. It’s actually quite impressive to see in person. I often find that things seem a lot smaller in real life however it was about as big as I imagined. One thing I was not prepared for was the number of people there to see it as well. There must have been at least 200 people standing at the fence getting their pictures taken. From there we went for about a four or five mile walk around the mall looking at the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. I was over taken by the same surreal feeling again by these iconic sites. As we got close to the Monument, again we had that same surreal feeling. We walked right up to the Monument and touched it. It’s quite amazing how large this things is. We noticed a lot of people laying on their backs with their feet up resting on the monument so they could get look at it from a different angle, so Alisa and I followed their lead. We stayed there for about half an hour. It appeared to us that the Monument itself is made of several different types of materials and it is very obvious when you stand right in front of it. From there we walked toward the Lincoln Memorial. When standing at the Washington Memorial, it doesn’t look that far however it took us a long time to arrive. I should note that the Lincoln memorial is as amazing as you could imagine and is as big as well. What struck us right away was the amount of people there. I think we arrived pretty close to ten o’ clock, and it was almost impossible to walk around. We were shoulder to shoulder the entire time and it was really easy to bump into another person. We were really happy that we got the opportunity to go for a long walk having been trapped in the car for hours and seeing the memorial was a great way to end the trip.

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