Montemayo’s Revenge

Purifying the water at 5 in the

Having the pizza with the mayo on it didn’t pay off. Last night was one of the worst nights I have ever had. There were four things that made it horrible. We were both really tired from the hike, I was slightly dehydrated and kept having to drink water (we eventually ran out), there was some kind of techno party going on outside and a concert at the same time, and I was sick as a dog. Every 10 min I had to run to the bathroom, I was burning up all night, and the music was pounding in my head. Eventually, I started throwing up, and that woke up Alisa (at about 5a.m.). I told her what was happening and that I was really thirsty. She took out the UV pen that we got for emergencies and I used it to purify some faucet water. We added some electrolyte tablets and it really helped. I didn’t get any sleep that night.

Taking in the view one last time 

We were up around 8 in the morning. I left the hotel to try to find something to help my stomach, but none of the stores had anything for my symptoms. They only thing they had for stomach problems was Alka-seltzer. I told Alisa that I didn’t think I would be able to travel and that we might have to stay another night in San Pedro. Eventually, after drinking a liter of water and taking the Alka-seltzer, I started feeling better. We decided to give it a try. We would take a boat back to the main town where we could take a shuttle back to Antigua and if I started feeling sick again we would just stay another night there.

at the pharmacy

When we arrived on the other side, a man asked us if we needed a shuttle. We followed him to his office where we found out that the next shuttle would not leave until 4 in the afternoon (it was only 11:30). We gathered our things to try to find another agency where we were told the exact same thing. We bought the tickets at four and began looking for a pharmacy. We found one a few buildings away. I described my symptoms to the pharmacist, and right away he said that I would need antibiotics. He handed me some and also recommended that I take some Pedialyte for my dehydration. Eventually, we ended up at a small coffee shop where I had written one of these blogs, and I spent the next three and a half hours sleeping on one of the most uncomfortable chair/sofa things. As our departure time neared and two bottles of Pedialyte later, I started feeling a lot better. We gathered our things and headed for the station. When we got there, the office was closed and there was a padlock on the front door. We gave each other nervous stares. Eventually, they came back and we were off to Antigua. Well…kind of. We had to drive all over town picking up other passengers. We started our tip about an hour late. I got to catch up on my sleep and I think Alisa did okay with curved roads. We arrived in Antigua almost 8:30.  It was only supposed to be a two and a half hour drive but it turned into four and a half hours. The driver was in such a hurry that he just dropped everyone off on a random road. We were completely disoriented. We walked a few blocks until we got our bearings; we were lucky we spent a week in Antigua or else we would have been completely lost. We bought tickets that would take us to Flores, bought some fruit for me at a local grocery store, and took an overpriced tuktuk back to Hugo’s house.

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