Flores or… burst?

Alisa shoe gets attacked by a local cat

We spent most of the day recovering from our vacation. I say we because Alisa has also been feeling ill as well. She hasn’t had a fever like I have but has had a bit of a stomach ache. We ended up staying in bed until about 11 in the morning. I can’t really speak for Alisa but when we got back to Hugo’s house, it kind of felt like we were home (away from home). I could finally relax; it was quite.

Greeting everyone

I felt a lot better when I woke up. I still have some residual side effects of my illness, but I felt as though I could travel. Alisa on the other hand was still doing about the same, so we decided to head to a local pharmacy here in Jocotenango to see what the Pharmacist would recommend. With Hugo as our guide, we headed out. It´s kind of funny walking around the streets of Jocotenango with him. First of all, there is always some kind of Guatemalan music playing in the streets and as Hugo walks around in his slacks and aviator glasses, he looks like a movie star or mob boss saying hi to everyone on the street.

Estella preparing shakes for us

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing at Hugo’s house. We were pretty beat, and I honestly still wasn’t sure if I was up for travel. Estella, took time to prepare fruit shakes to calm our stomachs and offered a few different tips. I spent the rest of the day following around Hugo and Estella. It turns out that there was a really bad wind storm the night before, and most of the plants on the roof garden tipped over. As a result, they had to do a lot of work fixing the mess. I asked them if they needed help, but they would not have a guest in their house do any work. Estella showed me a few of here favorite flowers, and I asked if I could take some pictures which I posted below. Just don’t ask me what they are.

As the time of departure neared, I still wasn’t feeling as though I could make it eight hours straight with Montemayo’s revenge running around in my stomach, but I decided to temp fate and see what would happen. Alisa, on the other hand, didn’t really seem to have any problem with the travel. At five o’ clock we headed out the door and took a chicken bus to Antigua.

A walk through the market

Guatemala City bus station

We were able to squeeze a light dinner in before our shuttle took off. We had a savory crepe and a sweet one that really hit the spot. We made it to the travel agency in time for our shuttle but here in Guatemala, things work on their own time. We ended up having to wait an extra hour for our shuttle to arrive. We boarded it and were off to Guatemala city where we were let off at a run down looking bus station that actually looked like any other station in the U.S. I would image. From there we waited for about an hour and a half until it was time to board. The whole time I had the belly gurgles going on, and I just kept getting more and more nervous. The bus ride ended up not being that bad. It was very uncomfortable and very cold, but we made it just fine. I fell asleep about three hours into the trip when we were suddenly stopped at a station for an inspection. Everyone jumped off the bus and headed to the bathrooms. As it turns out, no matter what country your in, bathrooms in the middle of nowhere are always bad. After the inspections we jumped back on and headed off. I mentioned to Alisa that they were not very thorough about making sure every one was on. In fact, they didn’t even check. The bus just took off.

Our overnight moving motel

When we got to Flores, you could tell that everyone was really tired. We were all piled into a van and were driven around town looking for hotels. We were in the middle of a town I had never been, and the guy told me to start looking for a hotel. I told him I had no idea where we were. To which he responded, “Your in Flores”. So with that wealth of new knowledge in hand, I started walking down the street looking for a hotel. Eventually I found one. It was a crazy trip to get here, but I have to admit, it will probably be one I will never forget.

The view from our hotel

So now it’s about 10:49 here in Flores, Guatemala. We have another beautiful view, and I am typing this from a beautiful balcony looking at Lago Petén Itzá.

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