Almost Over

Well, today was our last full day here in Guatemala. Unfortunately, our last night at Hugo’s house was not a restful as we hoped it would be. Someone started setting off fireworks right down the street. I got out of bed thinking it was already morning only to discover that it was only 3am. We were up and packing around 7:30. Estella, Hugo’s wife, was feeling really ill and as a result, she couldn’t get out of bed to say goodbye to us. However, we were able to say goodbye to Hugo and his niece Melanie. It was really sad saying goodbye to them, but it was time to move on. Melanie was on her way to her home town so she rode the chicken bus with us to Antigua and we returned the generosity she showed to us a month ago by buying her bus ticket.

Once we got to the station, we said our goodbyes, and we were off to the travel agency in order to leave our things so we could hang out in the city for a bit. However, when we got there it was closed. We decided to have some lunch at first the restaurant we had eaten at when we first arrived, Las Condenesas. We really enjoyed our meals and bought another coffee mug to add to our collection. We hung out for along time since the coffee in Antigua is way better than any other city we visited. When we returned to the agency about an hour later, they were still closed. We waited outside for about twenty minutes until we noticed that there was a giant lion shaped door knocker. I hit it a few times and after a few minutes a lady opened the door. We told her that the people who run the company told us the day before that we could leave our things there until our shuttle departure at 5. She seemed really confused and after leaving for a few moments to asked if it was ok, we were allowed to leave our things.
Stuck with all our luggage
We spent nearly the entire afternoon shopping at the local markets and buying gifts for people back in Portland and other places. We picked up a new belt, a few soccer jerseys, hand made wares, and other cool things. We stopped at the Choco Museo and picked up a whole bunch of chocolate, coffee, and tea for a gathering back home. While we were there, we took time to try a few more coffee drinks and Alisa found a really cute little store that sold jewelry for a great price. She picked up a few things for herself and as gifts. Afterwards, we moved to the main market in the Central because nearly a month earlier, we saw a tie that we thought would be perfect for Alisa’s dad. When we found the store, I asked the lady how much. She said Q150 ($19). That was really odd because a month earlier that same tie cost Q250 (32). Mmm… I’m not gonna say how much we paid for the tie, but lets just say that we didn’t pay anywhere near Q150 for it; we were able to talk her down a lot more. 

With our gifts in hand, we decided to run to a restaurant that we ate at a week earlier called Saberico. This place is probably the best restaurant in Guatemala. It’s a little pricey but worth every penny. With only about 40 minutes to go, we ordered two fruit blended drinks that use a little bit of wine for flavor and a Lamb burger with vegetable chips. Unfortunately, we had to eat everything pretty quick, but we were able to take our drinks to go. 

We got back to the travel agency, we got into the shuttle and took the 45 minute ride back to Guatemala city. We are currently in a small bed and breakfast called Guatefriends. It’s a really small place with a lot of personalty. Alisa was a little nervous when we arrived in the neighborhood because there is a lot of barbwire everywhere and it looks kind of Road Warrior-like. However, it’s only five minutes from the Airport and the hotel is protected like a bunker. It’s a little odd, but it’s very welcoming here (if you can believe that). We are about to head to bed and to those in Portland, we will see you tomorrow. 
It’s really hard to breath in Guatemala City,
Alisa is a little sick so it’s much worse for her.

Oh yes, we had our first warm shower today in seven days. Just in case you were wondering, It was amazing!

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