Last day in Mexico City. Uneventful!

Today is the 2nd of July. Tomorrow we leave Mexico City for Lima, Peru. We already have our new AirBnB booked, and all we have to do is pack. Today we tried to go out one more time, but we were really tired. We woke up early this morning and headed down to the Zócalo to watch the World Cup game between Mexico and Brazil. The first thing we noticed while walking down the road toward the metro was that the streets were really quiet. Every once in a while you can hear random cheering from the buildings. After descending into the subway, we also noticed that it was relatively empty. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the city center. When we emerged from the subway, the Zócalo there were thousands of people watching a big screen. It was an amazing sight to see because of the amazing architecture, the giant flag, the cathedral, the government building, and the traffic blocked off. We headed toward the back of the crowd and surprisingly were able to find a spot where we get a perfect spot to see the game. We were hoping to see people yelling and having a good time, but it was quite. Mexico was down 1-0. It was amazing to see so many people and hardly a sound. Once Brazil scored their second goal toward the end of the game, people started leaving looking very sad.

Empty subway. Very rare during the morning.

Once the crowd dispersed a bit, we began our search for a local FedEx to ship our purchases back to the U.S. There was one about a quarter of a mile away. We walked in the direction of the FedEx, and I mentioned to Alisa how nice and peaceful the streets looked. I now know that it was really nice because they were still clear from the crowd watching the World Cup. About an hour later the streets were packed again with the typical hustle and bustle that can be found here. I am not saying that I do not like the crowds, it was just an opportunity to see the streets full of people which I imagine is a rare sight here so close to the city center. While walking down the street, I was checking my GPS to make sure we did not pass it. After walking several blocks, I realized that we did pass it. However, we did not see any sign or anything that would suggest that there was a business in the area that GoogleMaps noted. I asked someone who looked like he worked at a local building and he told me that the FedEx was located inside a parking garage. We entered the garage, and we found the business. That was odd for us but nothing out of the ordinary here in CDMX. Actually, this is one of the things that I like about the city.

We told the employee that we wanted to ship some things back to the U.S. and after taking one look at what we wanted to ship, he told us that they might not let the box into the country. After making a phone call to his district office, he told us to head to another FedEx location that specialized in international shipping. We headed over to the location, and the employee there was able to show us what items could not be shipped: Honey, coffee, and coffee flavor. We understood because international shipping can be a little tricky. I told him that we still wanted to ship the other things that we brought and after weighing the box, he told us that it was going to cost 1500 pesos to ship it back. That is roughly 75 dollars. Sadly we didn’t do it because what we had in the box was probably not worth 75 dollars. We decided that we are going to carry around the items we bought and find another way to bring them with us.

After getting the disappointing news, we headed back toward the Zócalo to find something to eat. While in route, we saw a beautiful old church. I decided to get a closer look and noticed that it was actually a library. We headed inside and the person at the front door told us that we would need to present our identification to get inside; we obliged. Walking around the inside, the library keep the same structure as if it were a church except the walls were covered with an amazing mural similar to the many murals that Mexico is known for. We noticed that there was a awesome stair case that led to a balcony that would give an awesome vantage point for a pice picture of the inside. I walked up to one of the employees and asked him about the history of the church. It turns out that it was never a church. When it was being constructed, there were a lot of problems with the structure so it was abandoned. Some time later it was turned into a theater and eventually after years of neglect it was shut down. Today it has become a beautiful small library. I asked the employee if we could go up the staircase to take a picture of the murals. He said that that area is prohibited but if i wanted since we were visitors from another country, I could ask the Jefe for permission. We said Yes, so he led us down a hall way and sat us down in front of the director. I told him that we were tourists from the U.S. and as we were walking by we noticed the building and were impressed by the mural. I asked if we could climb the stairs to take a picture of the whole library and without hesitation, he said yes as long as we were careful and did not hang over the balcony. With that we were up the stairs and got our photo.

One of the things that I love about this place is that you never know what is around the corner or down a hallway. While we were walking back to the Zócalo, we found a small coffee shop and decided to walk down a small corridor to the right of it. We found an amazing shopping center inside of an old building. We felt a little underdressed for the environment, but we walked around and found a restaurant called the Puntarena. The food was amazing, but very expensive. I think we ended up paying over 30 dollars for our meal, however, the experience was worth it. After eating my third serving of chilaquiles in three days, I wanted to take a nap. I told Alisa that I needed to return to our place to take a nap and that we could go out later that day. it took us about 45 minutes to return, and we ended up napping from 2pm to nearly 6 in the evening. We decided that since we are going to return to CDMX at the end of our trip that missing out on our last day was not a big deal. We took advantage of the evening and sat around watching youtube videos and hanging out. We found an awesome restaurant near our place that severed organic food. It was very similar to restaurants in Portland. Our night ended with packing our bags and getting ready for our flight to Peru in the morning.

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