Nazca (part 2): The Plot Thickens

Everything worked out for the best; against all odds we made it. We were excited to see the famous Nazca lines. I could not fall asleep from what had just happened with the passports. In a dark bus headed to the middle of nowhere, i started to catch up on my blogging. I was able to catch up from all the events of the past few days and it feels really good to finally be able to write the same day that we are experience our trip.

After about an hour of writing, I was able to fall asleep for a few hours. The bus was not comfortable even though the seats looked nice, the appearance did not reflect the experience, however, it was quiet and I was completely out. That is until the person helping us out on the trip turned on the lights and began handing out something like a tuna sandwich with some kind of sweet bread for breakfast. I did not eat it, but I did have a cup of coffee; it was not good. I think it was instant. It was really odd, the bus was so peaceful and quiet and we were all woken up out of the blue. I know it is part of the schedule and I am just complaining but it just seemed a little odd to me. Perhaps I don’t take enough buses in the U.S. when I travel. Is it the same way? Let me know

A little past the halfway point I received a phone call from the travel agency. They called to let me know that because of the weather conditions, they would have to push our flight back. That means that we would not be able to head back to Lima at 4pm like we planned. We would have to head back at 6pm. Bummer. That means that we would have to return past midnight and negociante a taxi ride back from the bus station in the middle of the night. She asked me if I wanted to go ahead a change the return trip. It was an odd question to ask seeing as we didn’t really have a choice at that point, so I asked her “do we have a choice” and she responded with a “no”, so I told her to go ahead and change the return trip so we could take the flight. Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. It’s just that the whole interaction seemed odd to me.

We arrived in Nazca a little past 11:30, and it was great to be off of that bus. We headed down to the company that was going to take us to the airport and fly us over the Nazca lines. The name of the company was Aeroparacas. When we arrived, there was a large crowd of people. I imagine they were waiting for a shuttle to take them to the airport where they would see the Nazca lines just like us. One of the employees of Aeroparacas told us that because of the weather we would have to take a later flight which we already knew. He told us that we can walk around the city for a bit and return to office around 1:30pm. That sounded good to us so Alisa, Alynn and myself huddled up and decided on a plan for the next hour and a half. We decided to walk toward the city center and then get a bite to eat. We found small local restaurant that had good meals and portions from 3-5 dollars a plate. Alisa and I shared a steak with rice, bananas, and an egg. Alynn had a chicken noodle soup sans the chicken meat with a cooked egg. The food was great even though the combination was a little different for us. By the time we walked around and ate it was time to meet up at the office. When we arrived the employee took one look at us and told us to come back at 3pm. Okay…

This time we decided to walk around the city but take a different direction. I think it was Alynn’s idea and I am glad we did it. I got the chance to buy a Peruvian flag for four dollars. It is not as big as my Mexican flag, but it is just as awesome. We continued walking around the city and passed by several streets that were definitely not on the tourist map. We continued back around to the Plaza Mayor and did a couple of Vlog entries. I was really empressed by how much bigger the city is compared to what I read about it online. You see, the Nazca lines pretty much keep this city going, and there is no shortage of people who want to be taken up in a plane to see them. As a result, the city center is surrounded in imagery of the Nazca lines. It is really cool. I will try to upload some pictures of what we saw onto this post. It is amazing.

Buying a Peruvian Flag

We returned to the office a little before three in the afternoon where we were greeted by an older man who told us to have a seat in the waiting area. We sat down and got to strike up a conversation with two young Germans traveling though Peru for an entire month. They were really nice and one of them confessed to me that he thought he was clogging a bunch of toilets because he did not know that you could not put toilet paper in the toilet in Peru. He felt really bad, so I told him that he is probably not the only one who has done that and I’m sure that they have to deal with it all the time.

We all jumped on the bus and headed toward the landing strip (to be continued)

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