Some Ideas For Our Trip

We are officially committed. I requested the Winter 2020 school year off. That will give us exactly 10 weeks to travel through South America. I have done some research, but teaching classes has kept me really busy so far. I am still working on my blog entries from our trip to Bolivia, but that has been going really slow. I have been brain storming some ideas as to how we want to document this trip. I want to create something that I can use in my classes while I teach, but I do not want to do something too formal. I got the idea of documenting where we go and exactly how much things would cost. By keeping and blogging everything daily, I can create an exact budget of what it would cost in each city. I can document everything from bus and plane fairs as well as meals and lodging. I could do currency comparisons to the US dollar and much more. Up to this point, I have only been recording my personal experiences which I think is good, but I want the focus of the site to be a lot more on the logistics of our trip. I want it to be a place where people can come to get useful information as well as record my personal thoughts. I know that there are several people who follow this blog even through I do not post often. Perhaps if you could pass me some ideas I could consider incorporating them into our future plans.

It is just a thought.

Have fun!

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