Getting our noses checked

Today is June 9th, and our trip officially starts with a visit to Molecular Vision Laboratory here in our home town. On Friday our plane will take off to Peru at six in the morning. According to the American Embassy in Peru, we need to have a PCR Covid test in order to enter/fly to the country. I was actually quite amazed at how hard it was to track down a COVID / PCR test in our area. The various airports provide them, but the price can range from 200-400 dollars to get your results right away. I was starting to get a little annoyed because those are crazy prices and seem a little exploitative. While doing a google maps search for PCR test in the local area, I found a place called the Molecular Vision Laboratory that was offering overnight PCR tests for only 99 dollars with a 20 dollar prescription fee.

Malachi and I headed down to the testing center where we ran into Caleb and Danielle. Caleb had already gotten his test, but I got a photo of Malachi getting his and a video of mine. The test was very quick. It took less than 3 minutes to do both of us. We will get the results of the test tomorrow and then we will fill out an affidavit of health. Things are finally starting to get finalized. We will be off soon.

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