Stuck in the rain

I am sitting in our nice air conditioned AirBnb next to a beautiful coast. It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful, but I have to imagine because we have been trapped in the rain for the past couple of days. The plan was to wake up this morning at 7am and make it to the colectivos about a 15 minute walk from our place. I woke this morning, took a shower, and realized that it was raining like I had not seen before in previous days here. Since we have arrived we have been stuck in a torrential rain twice where we have had to return to apartment soaking wet. We are in the process of drying our clothing, but it takes a long time, since humidity slows the process to a crawl. I am monitoring the situation and as soon as it clears, I am going to wake up the boys and head out.

Since we have been stuck here we have gone on several walks around playa del Carmen. It is a nice place, but there in all honesty, the place is a tourist destination and not a place to just stroll around and admire. I am not complaining. The cities in the coast are relatively new compared to Mexico City, Oaxaca, and San Cristbol. Tomorrow, the weather should be a lot nicer and we can finally take our ferry trip to Cozumel. Today there is a 100 percent chance of rain while tomorrow only 30. We have not just stayed at our apartment the past several days. Caleb and Malachi went out on their own, we decided to see what a Mexican McDonalds was like, and we got our laundry cleaned. Not too bad.

I have been trying to figure out how we are gonna do this Guatemala trip since the rain is going to follow us there. I have a plane ticket to fly from Flores to Guatemala City before we leave for Mexico. I had to rearrange the flight because of a schedule change on the airport’s part, so no we have have about a six hour layover at the Guatemala Airport. Perhaps we can check our bags and then take a look at the historical district before heading out.

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