Ruins (Antigua)

I told the boys that we would spend the day looking at some modern ruins here in Antigua. The city is filled with old churches and convents that were once full of life but were destroyed by the many earthquakes the countries has experienced over the years. Throughout the day we visited five different churches and convents that each had their own personalities and little secrets that you can only find if you are curious and spend some time exploring.

The first place we visited was actually still a functional church, however, only about 10 percent of the entire structure is actually usable. The rest is completely rubble and a skeleton of what it used to be. The name of this place is Catedral San Jose. We were able to go underground and see what the catacombs used to be like. There are no bones of course, but it was still creepy going down.

The next one we visited was the Convent Santa Clara just down the street. This place was in much better condition and looked like it could be restored and used again.

We then walked over to another place called Iglesia y convento de las Capuchinas. This place is a real gem here in Antigua. Apart from being a beautiful example of Colonial architecture, it has something amazing underground. There is a circular room that you can easily miss that once you walk inside, you can hear the echos of your foot steps. If you pick a hymn and sing it softly, it resonates in the entire chamber. I gave it a try and believe me when I say that it can make anyone sound like the know what they are doing.

Finally, we headed to one more set of ruins that I thought Malachi would really enjoy. It is at another ruin site that is also at a church that is still functioning to this day. It is called La Iglesia De La Merced. I picked this site because it is the only one that I know of where you can actually climb on the ruins. There is a giant fountain in the center that you can climb and take awesome pictures. On the second floor there are old walls that you can climb and jump from one to the other. Caleb said that he thought the place was really beautiful at one point while Malachi said “I bet I can jump up this wall”!! It was a lot of fun.

We headed back to our AirBnB where Malachi was going to make us lunch since he lost the poker game the night before. He made us some sandwiches which were pretty good.

We headed out one more time that evening to an amazing church called San Fransisco. Unfortunately it was closed, but we still got some pictures of the outside. We called it a night early because we were all l little tired from our walk. I ran to the store and picked up some pieces of stake and made some steak and potato tacos.

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