To Antigua

We have been in Antigua for several days now. Today we are going to visit a volcano called Pacaya that is nearby. The plan is to hike as high as they will allow us and then take some photos, eat lunch, and roast some marshmallows on the rocks.

Our flight to Guatemala from Mexico was short and actually very comfortable. I think that it was the first time that we did not run into any problems. Once we arrived we were able to quickly find someone to shuttle us from Guatemala City to Antigua. The shuttle ride took over an hour because traffic was horrible. It was amazing to see how busy the city was considering everything I had read in the news about COVID. It was business as usual except for people wearing masks.

We arrived in Antigua around 1 in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day and the city was really alive with people everywhere and an artisan market in the center of town. Our checkin was not until 3 pm, but we decided to take the walk to our reservation just in case they were willing to let us drop off our big bags. After accomplishing our mission, we took a brief walk around the city. We stopped by a little coffee shop in the city center. The prices were reasonable but still a little high. Malachi mentioned that he wanted to save as much money as he could from here on out. We all thought it would be a great idea, so we headed over to a supermarket down the road and bought what we thought would be enough groceries for our stay here in Antigua. Once we checked out and paid for our groceries, the torrential rain that had plagued us in Mexico had arrived to Antigua. The heavens opened up and it was like we never left Playa del Carmen. Since it was such a nice day, we did not think about brining any rain gear to the city. I asked the clerk if they sold any rain ponchos, and he called his assistant to fetch some for us. We put on our rain gear and started the 25 minute walk to our AirBnB in the rain.

Unfortunately, I decided to wear sandals, so I had to keep stepping in the black street water whenever we crossed a street. I prayed that I did not have any cuts on my feet. Once we approached our house–roughly 40 feet away–the rain stopped, and it was beautiful. It has been a common situation on our trip so far.

We decided to call it a day and I made some potato and egg tacos for dinner. We bought some tortillas from some ladies making them from scratch down the road. They turned out pretty good.


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