Current travel plans considering the virus

I have just given my last class for the trimester at the university where I work, and you can really feel that people are nervous about the Corona-Virus. I am not too worried about it myself, but I can definitely understand why people do not want to come to campus or be in a room with a lot of people. Someone posted an interview on the Joe Rogan Podcast with a Disease control expert (Michel Osterholm), and I found it really fascinating. Here is a link if you are interested.  After listening to the podcast and learning how the virus … Continue reading Current travel plans considering the virus

Some Ideas For Our Trip

We are officially committed. I requested the Winter 2020 school year off. That will give us exactly 10 weeks to travel through South America. I have done some research, but teaching classes has kept me really busy so far. I am still working on my blog entries from our trip to Bolivia, but that has been going really slow. I have been brain storming some ideas as to how we want to document this trip. I want to create something that I can use in my classes while I teach, but I do not want to do something too formal. … Continue reading Some Ideas For Our Trip