Stuck in the rain

I am sitting in our nice air conditioned AirBnb next to a beautiful coast. It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful, but I have to imagine because we have been trapped in the rain for the past couple of days. The plan was to wake up this morning at 7am and make it to the colectivos about a 15 minute walk from our place. I woke this morning, took a shower, and realized that it was raining like I had not seen before in previous days here. Since we have arrived we have been stuck in a torrential rain … Continue reading Stuck in the rain

A quick tour (Chichen itza)

(Little to no editing…)We awoke around 5:00 in the morning. Actually, I woke up first and got everyone going. They all seemed in good spirits, but you can tell that they were hurting. At least that is the way it looked from my perspective. We skipped breakfast that morning because we had to take a walk to a hotel called Terra Caribe. Jonny said that there would be a shuttle to pick us up from the front of the building. We did not have to wait too long. I always get nervous whenever someone says “Meet us at Tierra Caribe … Continue reading A quick tour (Chichen itza)

They wanted adventure…they got it right away

We were out of bed and out the door by about 3:40 in the morning. Our bags were packed, and we were ready to go. We arrived at the airport at PDX just after 4 in the morning. The plan was to take a short flight from PDX and land in LAX where we would have a layover for about three hours. We checked out bags with Alaska Airlines. Caleb and I had to check our backpacks, so we wrapped them in black sacks and the teller took them. He handed us our boarding pass but then told us that … Continue reading They wanted adventure…they got it right away