La Nariz

We woke up early today, took our clothing down that we had hung up the night before, and got ourselves ready for the hike today. We got out the front door a little after 8 and headed to a little coffee shop. We wanted to eat some breakfast, but we would have never had time, so we opted for a box of cornflakes which we ate right outside our hotel room. After we had satisfied our appetite with the coffee and cornflakes, we ran down to the docks where we were greeted by Manuel our guide for the day. We … Continue reading La Nariz

Horses and coffee…who knew!

Alisa here- We stayed put in San Pedro today. We’re in a hostel that Art thinks is lame and dirty but I like it. The bed is comfy, the walls are painted brightly, and we have a fantastic view- what more is there to want? Of course, we do have to turn off the sink from the pipe below because it just keeps running if we don’t, the shower is kind of one with the whole bathroom and the floor isn’t slanted toward the drain so there’s always standing water next to the door, the bar down the street has … Continue reading Horses and coffee…who knew!

Alisa says this post sounds really negative

Our little hotel We had a really long and busy day today. We decided last night that we were going to move to a different part of the lake called San Pedro la laguna. However, before we moved we had a boat tour to go on. Most hotels have you clear out your room and check out at 11am. Here it’s completely different. We didn’t have any place for tonight lined up so we were kind of in a bind. We have these two giant backpacks with us which we couldn’t possibly take on the tour. I asked the lady … Continue reading Alisa says this post sounds really negative

Just passing through

The view from our old Hotel Although it was off the main street and really loud, we slept pretty good last night. The hotel, however, wasn’t the one that we were looking for, so I woke up early and headed out to look for the one we had originally spotted in Lonely Planet. I can’t really speak for Alisa, but I get really nervous walking down a lot of these small streets that I’m unfamiliar with. When I got to the part of town where the Hotel was located on my map. Everything was closed. One thing that’s really different … Continue reading Just passing through

The Great Race

(sorry for all the mistakes, I had to walk almost a mile to find a place with wifi and I don’t have Alisa here to correct me) Try the Bacon, it´s great We headed out early today in order to get a quick bite to eat and head to the fútbol game between Antigua and Coatepeque. When we got to Antigua, we walked passed a small coffee shop that caught my eye. I asked the guy at the entrance if they served breakfast and he said yes. After finding our seats, a waiter came up to us and asked us … Continue reading The Great Race

Chinese food with corn tortillas

We decided to finally head to Azotea; it’s a company that grows coffee beans and roast them several blocks away from where we are staying. However, we were a little delayed before we left because we ended up looking at some pictures of our vacation with Hugo and Estella for a really long time. Hugo also asked me to help him figure out some problems with his computer. Since Azotea was so close, we decided to walk there. This route required us to walk down a completely different path we had not yet taken. The roads here can be very suffocating … Continue reading Chinese food with corn tortillas

A slower day with a hair cut

We were both pretty tired when we awoke this morning. After showering and heading down the stairs, breakfast was waiting for us. Today we had five different types of fruits with a corn flakes. Corn flakes here and in the U.S. are two different things. What we had was more like coco crispies. Oh yeah, they use hot milk with their cereal instead of cold. It was a little odd, but that didn’t stop me and Alisa from eating and enjoying it. After breakfast, we were still tired. We excused ourselves from the table an went back to bed. I … Continue reading A slower day with a hair cut

A Volcano, Marshmallow and a store thats only been destroyed once…

The steers of Jocotenango atfive in the morning We were out of bed around 4:45. After preparing our coffee and getting all our things together, we were out the door a little after 5. It’s amazing how quiet the city is at five in the morning. We walked for a little while without seeing anyone. The walk usually takes us close to 45 minuets because we often take our time to get to downtown Antiguia. However, today we had to get there quick because there was going to be a shuttle waiting to take us the Volcan Pacaya. While we … Continue reading A Volcano, Marshmallow and a store thats only been destroyed once…

To find Menchú, ask the guy who shines shoes.

I had a really hard time sleeping last night. I think it was because of the cup of coffee I drank right before I went to bed, but I can’t be sure. Despite only getting about 4 hours of sleep, I managed to crawl out of bed at six in the morning and head to to the roof to take some early morning pictures and videos.  All these picture are from Hugo’s house The view on the roof is spectacular. It amazing, the middle of all the houses are exposed to the elements, but It seems to me that it … Continue reading To find Menchú, ask the guy who shines shoes.

Our fist day out…alone

We woke up this morning around eight. After washing up, we headed down stairs where where we were greeted by a woman who we hadn’t met. She prepared coffee and liquado for us (liquado here means a morning fruit smoothie). Alisa and I talked with Hugo for a bit and decided that we would walk to Antigua. Before leaving the house, Hugo gave me a key to the house and told us that we could come and go as we please and to treat his home like our own. Once we walked out and shut the front door, I was … Continue reading Our fist day out…alone