El Parque de los gatos

We took the bus for the first time this morning. It was an adventure indeed as the driving here is out of control. It reminds me of Guatemala where traffic signs are only a suggestion and if you want to cross the road you pretty much have to walk in front of oncoming traffic. The bus ride was only 1 sol per person or roughly 33 cents. A real deal! One of the very first things I did this morning was search for the famous park in Miraflores with cats. I have read a lot about this park and have … Continue reading El Parque de los gatos

To Peru

We left our AirBnB just before 7 in the morning. I was hoping to get out a little earlier, but I over slept about half an hour. We packed our bags then did a quick sweep around the room to make sure that we were not leaving anything important behind. The trip to the airport went smoothly. Although it was crowded, it was not as crowded as the trains that were going the opposite direction from us. We got to the airport just before 8am. We had a hard time tracking down our gate because of the layout of the … Continue reading To Peru