Sano y Saludable

When talking to people in Spanish, they seem to use both words in the same context. They both translate to healthy in English, but it seems to me that there is a small difference between the two. The difference is not big enough that it would cause any confusion, but it is still good to know. Continue reading Sano y Saludable

Lento, Despacio, Lentamente

I have always struggled with the words lento and despacio. All that it took was a little bit or research on my part, and I was able to easily distinguish between the two. The two can be confusing because they both translate to slowly in English. Where in English we only have one work, Spanish uses two. Why? I do not know why, writing several examples of both in context can be very helpful to distinguish between the two. In English, I would say: I am a little slow today. My computer is slow.   He runs slowly There is … Continue reading Lento, Despacio, Lentamente