We woke up this morning around 3:30am. There were two reasons why it was really hard to get out of bed. The first, both of us couldn’t sleep the evening before and, second, when we finally did fall a sleep, someone kept ringing on the door bell over and over around midnight. After getting all our things ready, the owner of the hostel was already up and asked if we were ready to head out. She said that it was going to cost Q40 to give us a ride to the Airport. I opened the email and checked my receipt. … Continue reading Home

Almost Over

Well, today was our last full day here in Guatemala. Unfortunately, our last night at Hugo’s house was not a restful as we hoped it would be. Someone started setting off fireworks right down the street. I got out of bed thinking it was already morning only to discover that it was only 3am. We were up and packing around 7:30. Estella, Hugo’s wife, was feeling really ill and as a result, she couldn’t get out of bed to say goodbye to us. However, we were able to say goodbye to Hugo and his niece Melanie. It was really sad … Continue reading Almost Over


We arrived in Monterrico around 10 in the morning. We weren’t exactly sure how long we were going to stay because I really wasn’t able to get much information out of the Spanish school. Our first stop took us to a place called the Hotel del Delfin. What grabbed my attention was the sign out front that said “stay 3 nights and get the fourth one free.” I was greeted by the owner who was more than happy to show me different rooms around the hotel. Since we were going to get one night free, we decided to go with … Continue reading Monterrico

Last day at Semuc Champey

We spent our last official day at Semuc hiking with a new group of friends. One was named Colin from the UK, two named Jesse and Isaiah  from Kentucky, and a guy named Cherry from Arizona. We left with the intention of finding two bridges near Utopia. Our hike began following a small trail next to the river. After about half an hour in, our trail was pretty much gone and we were pretty much blazing our own. It was hot and humid with a lot of bugs and overgrown plants. After about an hours hike, we finally made it … Continue reading Last day at Semuc Champey


Internet is still really limited here. Im still writing this using an ATV as a desk while being earn by bugs. I got up about 5:30 in the morning. It was an odd night. We are in a hotel in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of a jungle. There are so many different sounds at night it can be a little overwhelming. However, It’s a great experience. After I got myself together, I grabbed the laptop and headed up the hill to use the internet. There is no WiFi in the hotel itself, so we have to walk about … Continue reading Semuc

The journey to Utopia

(The last post including this one will not be edited very well because right now I am standing outside of someones house using their Wifi to post these blogs) We headed out of Flores today. We got our things together and waited in the lobby for our shuttle to arrive. Leaving Flores was a little bitter sweet for us. On one hand, the city is lovely and it would have been ideal to stay there a few more days. One the other, we didn’t want to be close to Enrique; the guy we got into an argument with the other … Continue reading The journey to Utopia


Our shuttle pulled up around 8:15 this morning. Having stayed the night in our nice air conditioned hotel, Alisa and I were ready to look at some ruins. We decided to not go with a guide because they can be pretty expensive. It was a really pleasant hour and fifteen minute trip to the site with a lot of interesting things to look at along the way. Although a lot of the area is poor, it’s really different. It’s as if these people don’t have much, but they have exactly what they need (I hope that makes sense). our tour … Continue reading Tikal

Big Trouble in Little Flores

This is where I wrote the blog the daybefore. After settling in at our new hotel, we walked around for a bit. The city is really beautiful and they make an effort not to modernize it. We decided that we were gonna use the free time we had to find a travel agency to get tickets to Tikal and to Sayaxché just to the south. We found a little store that had a few items that we like plus an ATM machine. However, that particular bank has not accepted my debit card for some reason, so it was pretty much … Continue reading Big Trouble in Little Flores

Flores or… burst?

Alisa shoe gets attacked by a local cat We spent most of the day recovering from our vacation. I say we because Alisa has also been feeling ill as well. She hasn’t had a fever like I have but has had a bit of a stomach ache. We ended up staying in bed until about 11 in the morning. I can’t really speak for Alisa but when we got back to Hugo’s house, it kind of felt like we were home (away from home). I could finally relax; it was quite. Greeting everyone I felt a lot better when I … Continue reading Flores or… burst?

Montemayo’s Revenge

Purifying the water at 5 in themorning Having the pizza with the mayo on it didn’t pay off. Last night was one of the worst nights I have ever had. There were four things that made it horrible. We were both really tired from the hike, I was slightly dehydrated and kept having to drink water (we eventually ran out), there was some kind of techno party going on outside and a concert at the same time, and I was sick as a dog. Every 10 min I had to run to the bathroom, I was burning up all night, … Continue reading Montemayo’s Revenge